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David Close - Owner & Senior Physiotherapist
(BHSc – Physiotherapy)

David is the founder and owner of Play On – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. David is a New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist with a clear focus on Musculoskeletal and sport Physiotherapy vision since Graduating class of 2008 from AUT.
  He has a very hands on approach to his treatment style and has a keen interest in all sport and exercise injuries. On top of this he also enjoys using the gym facilities within the clinic and situated nearby, to rehabilitate Post-op patients quicker with the access to all equipment needed to assist strengthening, mobility and balance.
  David has a strong sporting background reaching representative level with long distance running, athletics, rugby league, basketball, waterpolo and touch. Over the past few seasons David has been pulling his own involvement in sport back to help climb the ladder with regards to sports physiotherapy, in particular Rugby league. To date having worked with Northcote Tigers Rugby League, NZ rugby league, NZ Maori league, Akarana, Samoa League and Mount Albert Grammar. He has also worked with NZ waterpolo and Triathletes in the previous few years.
David is Currently the NZ Vodafone Warriors NYC travelling Physiotherapist and was also privileged to travel with the NZRL Kiwis to the UK for the 2016 Four Nations.

BŪN (FUMIKAZU) SATO – Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Originally from Japan, Būn moved to New Zealand in 2004. Before completing his Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) degree at AUT in Auckland, he has been a Massage therapist for over 10 years and also a snowboard instructor in Queenstown for a number of years.
  Having experienced sporting injuries himself and providing hands on therapy to all age ranges and ability levels – from young athletes to the elderly, Būn has a particular interest in all sports and non-sports injuries treatment to help regain optimal body balance and prevent future physical issues. He strongly believes physiotherapy as a way to improve body performance and uphold optimal condition.
  Outside of work, Būn enjoys spending time with family, playing golf, and continuing his studies to further develop his skills and knowledge to help others.


Eden Wood - Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Eden completed her physiotherapy training at AUT university in 2014. She has since completed a post-graduate certificate in Western Acupuncture and plans to complete her masters in the next few years.

Eden has a keen interest in sports and exercise-based rehabilitation. Coming from a gymnastics background, competing for 11 years and coaching for 7, Eden has a passion for the sport and works closely with the gymnasts at the North Harbour Gymnastics Centre.

Eden loves the challenge of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and loves to help people understand their injuries and achieve their goals. In her spare time she enjoys exploring new restaurants and cafes and keeping fit at the gym.

Heewook (Hugh) Park – Acupuncturist

Heewook was born in Korea and has been living in New Zealand since 2001. He has completed his Bachelor of Health Science major in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine) degree at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine in Auckland.
  He has been working within the Auckland Area since 2014 and recently transferred to North Shore to be closer to his home and New Born child.
  He has experience in treating different varieties of injuries and disorders. His main goal is to help his patients regain what they had before by achieving harmony and balance within their body. His treatment differs depending on patient’s symptoms and syndrome with a holistic approach and a focus on relaxation of the whole body to replenish general Qi and Blood to support the treatment. He believes that the combination of Acupuncture and Physiotherapy would definitely vitalize the treatment result.
 He enjoys extending his knowledge on the Art of Traditional Oriental Medicine, practicing Taichi and Qigong, and he loves a good cuisine.

Chris McIntosh - Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Chris completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) degree after having a year of studying exercise science and nutrition out of high school. Chris has always had a passion for sport, fitness and health and has a keen interest in sports physiotherapy and general musculoskeletal conditions. Previous to his physiotherapy career, Chris worked as an exercise consultant where he became a registered exercise professional.

Having experienced different injuries in a wide range of sports, Chris has learnt about the frustrations of injury and enjoys working alongside clients to return to full function as quickly as possible. He considers it important to not only treat the symptoms of injury but to consider the larger picture of predisposing factors which may lead to injury.

Chris is a passionate sportsman, being involved in a large variety of sports at a young age. Currently, he enjoys regularly going to the gym and competing in basketball, in which he has been involved with professional teams in the past.

Gareth Fraser - Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Gareth works part time for Play On – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in the evenings and with Sports Teams on the weekends.

Gareth received a Scholarship to study Physiotherapy through AUT and on completion of his degree started and currently still works within the Waitemata District Health Board as a Physiotherapist within North Shore Hospital.

Gareth enjoys the balance of working within both a Hospital setting and with Musculoskeletal patients in private practice and sports teams. Gareth feels this gives him the ability to take a well-rounded approach into his treatment.

In Gareths spare time he enjoys playing, coaching and being involved in every aspect of Oval ball sports – League, touch and tag and enjoys spending time with his large - growing family.

Kaylah Tierney - Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Kaylah is a Physiotherapist with us at Play On – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation having recently Graduated from AUT, where she also completed courses in Massage therapy.

Prior to completion of her Physiotherapy degree Kaylah has been a valuable part of the staffing team filling a number of roles, helping with Sports teams, Massage therapy patients and administration roles. She brings with her a lot of experience with patients both young and old into her new career as a Physiotherapist.

Despite a recent stint of her own rehabilitation from injuries - Kaylah is a keen sports woman, with a history in gymnastics, representative netball and touch. Kaylah is also currently working in a part time capacity outside of the clinic as a gymnastics coach in the Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics program at the North Harbour Gymnastics club. She is also a Gymsport NZ certified judge where she judges gymnastics at regional competitions on the weekends during each season.

Trent Tagaloa - Physiotherapist

(BHSc - Physiotherapy)

Trent completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) as a recipient of the AUT Significant Student and Ministry of Health Pacific Health Scholarship. Trent has a passion for health, sports, and fitness with a particular interest in sports specific rehabilitation.

During his studies Trent was involved with research regarding the patient/practitioner relationship and how this can impact the quality of improvement with Physiotherapy. Having also experienced various sporting injuries before, Trent understands that each injury is different and comes with their individual difficulties. He emphasizes individualizing his treatment methods specific to these difficulties & feels it is important to consider the wider picture of the patient’s daily function and goals when tailoring his treatment.

Trent has been involved with multiple sport teams at multiple levels of competitiveness allowing him to have diverse experience through-out the demographic spectrum. 

Trent is an ambitious new physiotherapist, a passionate sportsperson, and an easy-going guy with a heart to help people through their injuries, achieve their goals, and improve their overall health.

Annie MacKellow - Administration and Reception

Annie is part of the Reception and administration team for Play On – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

On top of the part time role with Play On - Annie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland, specialising in Drama and Media, with hopes to then go on to Teacher’s College. She has an interest in visual art and contemporary film. 

Annie has a small sporting background mainly in Soccer which she has played for over 10 years as well as touch rugbythroughout her school life and tag through the Northcote Tigers.

Bridget Payne - Administration and Reception

Bridget is part of the Reception and administration team for Play On – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

On top of the part time role with Play On - Bridget is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

She has a sporting background mainly in Netball and has played for Westlake Girls High School and AUT however she also enjoys playing volleyball and turbo touch.

Serene Boon - Administration and Reception

She has a background in competitive artistic gymnastics where she had trained for eleven years and coached for four years. She is also a Gymsport certified judge who becomes involved in regional competitions every season. Her history and interest in gymnastics has led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Auckland University of Technology.

Currently, Serene enjoys going to the gym to maintain fitness and is keen to learn more about the human body through her work and volunteer experiences within the Physiotherapy field.